Prism Ecosystem

Creating and Applying
Digital Transformation Services
to aspects of daily living

News feed
Organization interaction
Connet and get everybody on the same page.
Workplace transformation
Indoor map
What helps to locate places easily
Register Parking Service
Parking Registration
No more time-consuming vehicle registration
Event calendar
Event update
Catch up your events with the calendar
Visitor Management
Visitor Contact
Manage visitor information and send invitation
Register Access Control
Access Control
Non-touch experience with Face-id
Automated Architecture

Workplace Transformation|Employee Experience Suit

  • Employee Communication Portal

    • Employee Profile
    • Internal Communication:News Feed - Groups
    • Employee Engagement:Meeting Calendar - Events - Announcement
    • Connecting Platform:Contact Info - Helpdesk - HR Documents - Policies
  • Meeting Room Intergrated System (MRIS)

    • Meeting Room Reservation
    • Meeting Room Devices and Control System
  • Hot Desk & Locker Reservation

    • Hot Desk Reservation
    • Locker Reservation
  • Employee Parking Solution

    Employee Parking Registration and Administration

  • Indoor Mapping

    Integrate Indoor Directions

Automated Architecture

Facility Operation|Back Office System

  • Workplace Management

    • Office Organizing:Buildings - Levels/ Floors - Rooms & Spaces
    • Devices & Assets Monitoring:Indoor Map Utilization
  • Access Control

    • Facial Recognition - QR Code Access
    • In and Out Tracking by one’s name
  • Security Control

    CCTV with Facial Recognition & Human Detection

  • Lighting Control

    • Light Schedule - Dim Adjustment
    • On / Off
  • Visitor Management

    • Visitor Invitation
    • Visitor QR Management
  • Parking Control

    • Vehicle Parking Registration
    • Automatic License Plate Recognition